Monday, July 9, 2012

Abby and Ellie Dyed Ribbons...yumm!

 Okay, is it OCD when you are obsessive about beautiful ribbons, and then you are soooo compulsive you buy 10 colors because you cannot see living without any one of them?  lol
Then fill out the bill, I am definitely obsessed with these beautiful ribbons. 
I have bought dyed seam binding from Abby and Ellie's etsy store before, but then I thought...hmmmm...I can dye my own with all the beautiful Lindy's Stamp Gangs sprays I own.  And that worked out pretty well for the 1/2" basic ribbons.....But then,  I saw these little 1/4" beauties, with their black or shimmering glittery edges and was smitten all over again with great etsy store.  So when I saw their 4th of July sale, I was over the moon.  Picked out all (well most of) the colors I wanted and hit the ole Paypal button before I could stop myself.
 And boy oh boy am I glad I did!  They are so much prettier in person!  So soft to the touch, so rich in color, just simply magical.  Can't wait to use these beauties! Dr. Scrapman, add to my diagnosis list...not only do I have M.O.E. (must own everything) I have OCD when it comes to such beautiful scrapbook ribbons! Sigh, now that's what I
call real Scrappy Happiness!  Just had to throw in a pic of my other favorite scrapbook must Figment coffee cup!  A wonderful friend brought this back for me from Disney.  Figgie is my favorite Disney character...I think every "kid" should have a friend at arm's reach that reminds you to let your imagination run wild everyday.
Have fun today 


  1. Your new Ladies Diary to copy!! And I love love the dyed tape. Always look forward to a new mini from you!!

  2. Gorgeous ribbons Molly! I'll look forward to seeing them show up in your future minis! Best wishes on your new blog. :) hugs, Kimberly

  3. Hi Molly.. I found ya! :) now a follower. I love these seam bindings!!!! I would write more, but I must go shopping :D Hugs, Karen