Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can't wait to get started...

Have you ever seen anything on youtube or in a magazine or pinterest and a spark just shot through you...a spark of creativity....well that's what just happend to me!

I was watching an older, I mean a year old, blog listing from Kathryn of "thescrapbeach" and it just "zapped" me with that spark!  Here's the link to her video:

She provided a link to a website that allows you to create your own papers that are grid, writing, ledger or music templates.  I tried it out and it is wonderful. I have had an idea for a journal I want to create for myself and this was just the perfect "missing puzzle piece" I was looking for.  I will be doing a video of me actually making the pages to fit the journal I will be creating and am so excited to get off to make a big pot of coffee, load up on chocolate..and get started on this project while the creative juices are flowing...oh I hope it works out!  Now here's the link to the site that Kathryn shared with us on her video, if you want to take a sneak peek and give it a try.  I won't have my video up for a while yet, but hope to have it up by tomorrow afternoon...fingers crossed!

Now I also like mixing digital up with my traditional scrapbooking, so I have also given you a link to my all time favorite digital site...hope you love it as much as I do.  And they are having a summer sale right now!  Perfect! 

Well off to get that coffee brewing (okay, really just turn my Keurig coffee maker and get to work...wish me luck!

Have fun scrapping!

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