Sunday, July 15, 2012

Now how cute is that...

Chanced across this magical beauty on Pinterest.  Oh I hope for your sake , you are not addicted to Pinterest like I am....sigh.  But just when I feel I am "wasting" too much time...I come across something wonderful like this.  It was a recent post, but from a two year old blog post.  Now my mind is just dancing with ideas...summer butterflies, of course, but how about snowflakes, or birthday candles, or fall leaves or........  Darn it, now I have another project on my "too long to imagine, but just have to make" list of creative projects. 
 Pinned Image  There's the link to the original blog posting.  Hope you enjoy and keep those creative juices flowing....

Have fun,


  1. That's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it! I'm doing my best to avoid Pinterest! lol Have a happy day!...Nancy :o)

  2. What a gorgeous find. I to love Pinterest, so much to see.