Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trying my hand

Well I thought I'd try to start a new blog!  And I wanted to name it something just perfect for what I love and wanted to share...and low and behold, the name was available!  I love mini albums! My new blog is born...Now the hard part, lol, giving it the attention it needs to grow into a beautiful new I can love and have lots and lots of fun with!


  1. Hi Molly, just found your blog from YT. Always watch your videos and just love them. Your minis are beautiful and such a lovely showcase for family photos. I love making minis too but have only made a few - still experimenting with techniques. I'm also thinking about starting a blog to share my projects with others and make some crafty friends so any tips would be appreciated because I know you already have one blog.
    Can't wait to see what your next project is.

  2. So happy you did...hugs Terrie

  3. Following...Congrats on your new blog!!!! I love mini albums as well. I am inspired to finish a paperbag mini album I started too long ago.


  4. Welcome to blogspot Molly! You are off to a fabulous start. I do not get to spend the needed time on my blog, but hope you will stop in and look at some of my cards. I am just beginning to make mini albums, so hope to have some photos to share of them soon. You are my inspiration. :) Hugs, Karen