Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A wonderful RAK from across the world!

Wow, I know they call the whole youtube - facebook - etc world "social networking", but these words took on a whole new meaning to me recently.  A wonderful, sweet, gifted artist, from Australia, chrissiecross sent me a RAK (random act of kindness) gift after seeing one of my videos.  In my vid, I mentioned that I had scoured the internet for the My Mind's Eye "Madison" stamp set, but sadly had not found one.  Chrissie sent me a private message, asking for my address and low and behold...that wonderful friend sent me the stamp set.  Imagine my absolute joy and wonder opening up this gift! 

In addition to the stamp set, which I adore and will treasure!, Chrissie enclosed a beautiful card and envelope that highlights her incredible talent:

Isn't that card just absolutely the world just got even a little smaller, when I took a look at the postage stamp on the envelope...

My son works for an incredible Sugar Glider breeder in Texas,, and these little creatures, that I had never heard of before then, have stolen my heart...they are so cute, playful and imagine how delighted I was to get a real Australian stamp with that cute little rascal pictured on it!

So now when I say "small world"  I really really know what that means and boy oh boy have I come to love my new youtube world of friends.  Thank you Chrissie for your warmth and kindness and the stamp set! 

Have fun scrapping!


  1. WOWO Molly this is nice, those stamps and the card, gorgeous.
    Hugs Astrid

  2. Dear Molly, you are SO welcome and I am glad I could do this small thing for you. You have brought so much enjoyment to me through your wonderful videos and I am always so glad when I have an email coming in to alert me to one of your Youtube videos. I always know I will never be disappointed.
    Your Aussie friend

  3. Molly, I love that stamp set too! Chrissie is a wonderful friend. I look forward to seeing more videos of your creations with it. :) You always do inspiring and beautiful work.