Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Freebie! here's a vintage tag I made trying to learn PSE

Okay, I am having so much fun, trying to learn Photoshop Elements...thank heavens for youtube videos and loads of digital designers out there who share their time!  Plus, of course the beautiful artwork from The Graphics Fairy is the jumping off point for my inspiration.                            
So if you would like to use these few of my first attempts at tags and envelope templates...please feel free to, just right click and save these jpeg files and use for our own crafting. If you have a blog or youtube and you use these in a project, I would appreciate a mention and or link to my blog...
And yep, I realize they are primative, but I have to start somewhere...teehee..
This little template below is an envelope and the insert that would go in it.  just cut out and fold up and voila, fingers crossed, it's a very sweet set.  Now, if I'd have really been thinking, I would of could of made a Christmas set, duh...  Oh well, next back to playing.

Have fun creating!

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  1. Your endeavors are beautiful! I'm so happy that you've shared them. I'm definitely gonna use them in a project of mind. I'm always looking for envelopes and inserts that match (such as these). Have a Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year! TFS