Friday, November 2, 2012

What a great Christmas tree tutorial!

Oh my gosh, I have been up most of the night, playing on the internet to soak up inspiration for the holidays ahead, and I came across this great tutorial for making glittered trees...

I was so inspired by this, I thought you might like to see how these sparkling beauties are made too!  The wonderful site I stumbled upon was:
"from my Craft" creations by Norma.  And what a talented crafter she is!

So here's the link for how to make these wonderful accents!  Hope you enjoy and thank you Norma for sharing your talent with us all!

updated link to glitter tree tutorial

Have fun crafting and happy holidays ahead!


  1. Hey Molly...I guess looking at the time you posted this you were pretty tired, lol. Reason I say that is because the link goes to one of your yt vids. lol Off to check out these trees! TFS


  2. lololol oops, thanks for the heads up...think I have it fixed now