Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Mini with papers from K and Co. and My Minds Eye

Oh my gosh, I knew I loved this paperline and the colors, but man oh man, I really really love it after working with it for a few new holiday projects.  First, I made a little mini to set on our coffee table for the holidays, ( just hafta load it with pics, teehee)  and it showcases the color story and feel I will be using to decorate and wrap with this holiday season ----  I'm calling it Country Estate...taadah....
a rather fancy solid name for the colors peacock, olive, dark reds and metallics.  I have bought some beautiful ornaments and floral pieces in those colors and hope to stay on my crafting kick long enough to get this whole house done up in holiday finery.  I know, I's just that piece of rum cake talking, but a girl can dream....well anywho, hope you like the mini!   Have fun scrapping, and check back soon for my next holiday post...I'm on a rum cake high I think...teehee!  Video is posted below - Enjoy!

Happy holidays
Molly D


  1. Wow! You always make amazing albums, but this one is so pretty! It looks beautiful on your coffee table and is going to tie your Christmas theme together so beautifully. I wish I could make something half as nice as this! You are so talented and I love watching your videos. Thank you for the gift of them, and may God grant you and your entire family a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh Molly, this album is just stunning! I have watched this video MORE than half a dozen times already. Now you have motivated me to make a Christmas album. I got some of those metallic sharpies yesterday! Woo Hoo! They are way cool. I didn't know they existed 'til you showcased them. Anyways, now I gotta find me some of that paper. It's so pretty! Regardless, I just wanted to say Thank You for a bright spot in my day! God bless you!!

  3. Oh, I forgot to say, I did see the nativity scene too, and I got a chuckle when you said you didn't see Mary's face in your toast. :)