Saturday, December 8, 2012

More holiday decor..

This pic is just a little shot of my December and November calendar pages from my calendar video .  Man did the year go by I just have to fill the calendar in with my favorite pictures from this year and bind it...but now I'm just rambling....sorry.  Back to the  holiday decor...  I am having so much fun upcycling and creating holiday decor pieces, like taking the table centerpiece I had made, pulling out some of the roses and other flowers and filling in with balls in the new color theme I have fallen in love with, that coordinates with the K and Co papers.

Okay, this is probably one of those cases "you had to be there" type things.  I swear these are pretty in person...teehee. But my photography is not doing them justice.  Plus, I can't take full shots because I have been crafting all day instead of cleaning house...

 But what these pictures represent is the fun I 've had today crafting and making new holiday decor items to showcase the color theme I am going with this year...thanks again to the destash kit I bought from
Stephanie at stephanied2 on youtube . She is one of my favorite favorite favorite talented AND so funny...perfect!

Now back to the decor...the mosaic idea came from Linda at liveartnow on youtube . I made my first one on a 12 x 12 sheet of chipboard, but this one I decided to do in a frame I bought on sale at Michaels...I just love Linda's idea and think this will be one of my new favorite holiday decor pieces...

The rest of these pics are some more pieces I had fun making to carry the color story from room to room.  Now off to decorate the tree and tryyyyyy to get up the courage to clean the house so I can show you better pics when this whole thing is finished...just hoping it's before Santa pays his visit, and baby New Year says it's time to take the tree down already.... 

Here's the video I made of these items ...

Have fun crafting

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  1. Molly, love your decor. I could feel the "welcome to my home" feel. The only flowers I have in my home are magnolias. (rememberence of my dad when he lived in Mississippi). Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. Always enjoy your videos.