Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Color this color pallette

If you are looking for inspiration, colors that spark your creativity, then you MUST visit The Color Room.  ( I have the link down on the right hand side of page).  Pallette #120 is simply delicious.  Sophisticated, soft and subtle, this feminine pallette is calling to me.  I love how the ladies always include a page layout design, but even more I just love seeing how the artist take that spark...and create the most wonderful masterpieces!  Just lovely and so's one of my favorite places.  Hope you enjoy!

Have fun creating,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunshine Mini from My Mind's Eye

Here's just a simple little mini album I made using My Mind's Eye "Sunshine" paper line.  I just loved the color and all the wonderful embellishments they have to go with it.  And unfortunately for me, the newest release from My Mind's Eye, coming out soon, are just as pretty.  The basis for this album was a 6 x 6 inch "Bare Naked" chipboard album from BoBunny.  It was so fun and soooo easy to make. 
One of my favorite items in this mini are the wonderfully retro cards the designer buttons came on...I just couldn't throw them away.  So I just covered over the parts where the buttons had been sewn on and voila, they made the cutest tags ever!

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Have fun,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An incredible gift...from the most talented Pat M...

I am one of the luckiest ladies on the planet!  A few days ago I received a package from Pat, an incredibly gifted youtube paper craft artist,   The charm Pat made me is beyond words.  I had seen the video she made of the charm, but, in person, with the weight of this majestic artpiece in my hand, the colors absolutely singing in harmony, the rich mix of texture and design...I am teary eyed with delight.  Pat also included some wonderful goodies...a "kit" she calls them...a Maya Roads acrylic mini easel album and the most wonderful assorment of embellies, flowers and Prima's Enfrancis paperline.  If you have ever seen any of Pat's other works, or visited her blog, , you will see why I am scared to death to think of trying to create with these gifts.  Pat is so talented, my mind will be busy for monthes, just trying to think...."what would Pat do with this wonderful assortment of treasures?"  I am just praying that just a fairy's dust amount of her creative "mojo" is in each that would really be a miracle!  Pat, thank you so much for this incredible gift!  I love your work and this charm is beyond measure.

have fun crafting everyone,

CHA Summer 2012 New Holiday Kaisercraft...a must have

While I know it doesn't make sense, as I am taking a break from reorganizing my out of control paper stash, I grab a coke and decide to watch some new youtube videos.  And yep, I "wander" over to the CHA Summer 2012 new release videos and came across this incredible line from Kaisercraft....Turtle Dove.  The wonderful team at have recorded and shared with us some of the best of the new releases and I'm hooked...already.  Knee deep in my own glorious and untouched mounds of paper, I now have the uncontrollable urge to buy more!  This new line from Kaisercraft is a MUST HAVE...just like all the other lines I am reoranizing right now...some of my favorite finds from past CHA's....crazy huh?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a little more than half way journal video

Here's the video for my "just a little more than 1/2 way journal!  Hope you like it! It sure was fun to make....

enjoy and have fun,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

just a little more than half way...

Here's the newest journal I made, using the program from and a beautiful new paper stack from Michaels, "Everyday Moments".  What the heck does that mean, just a little more than half way...welllll, my mom just turned 90 years young, and is in great shape, so I'm praying I inherited her genes...which would mean, I am just a little more than 1/2 way....(okay maybe not just a little) So that means, I have plenty of time left to do all the things I want to do...thank goodness I never wanted to be a ballerina, not enough time left to train or get in shape to  do

 Here's some pages I made using the "storyboard" style from and just added some digital butterflies in my Adobe PSE ( photo shop elements)  I am not a pro, just tinkering along and teaching my self how to use the program.  Found beautiful artwork on "the Graphics Fairy" website.  Recolored and clipped them to match my papers.  Lots of fun and so much easier than you might think!  This next paper is using the
Cornell Note paper from the incompetech program.  I just love it for making notes and well, just doodling a little. Again, the graphic was from thegraphicsfairy.blogspot site and I recolored and clipped in PSE. 

Now about "the list".  A lot of talk lately about "bucket lists" so I found a beautiful french bucket, added a clock, yep, just to remind me how time flies, so of course a bird.  Then the key...hoping the list will help remind me of the key to my happiness, and how to focus to get the most important things done.  Before I am way more than half way...then again, who knows when half way really I better get cracking on getting what I want done...

Had lots of fun making this journal and looking forward to making one for Christmas.  And let me tell you, me planning ahead for Christmas is a big, and I mean big, step for me.  So fingers crossed you will not be seeing me in the mall Christmas eve, and wishing those ingredients I had bought for our favorite desserts had just made themselves...nope,  proper prior planning with these cute new journals...and it's full steam ahead....fingers

have fun and let me know if you make yourself a journal,

Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh good gravy...CHA Summer 2012 Sneak Peeks!

I'm sure there are lots of places to go on the web to see all the new releases for Summer 2012 CHA ( craft and hobby association), but my favorite, by far, is Rhonda's at:
Not only does she have one of the very very best stores on the web for scrapbooking addicts like me, great selection and the best prices around, she has a wonderful blog that list all the new releases.  And man oh man are there some pretty ones coming out this summer!

Now after I drooled over all the beautiful new Prima's and Teresa Collins and Webster Pages and, well, all of the new lines, I decided it was time to "reorganize" my craft room.  That's code for "make more room" for all the new lines I will be buying. 

So I spent a few hours yesterday, and think I have made room for at least......4 or 5 new lines...oh who am I kidding....10 or 12 at least....

If you have time, and are addicted like me, go over to yourscrapbooksupply and take a "sneak peek" at what's new and coming soon.  I mean really, isn't retiring at an early age just a dream anyway....especially when these manufacturers keep "supplying" my addiction so

Have fun and let me know what lines caught your eye,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Now how cute is that...

Chanced across this magical beauty on Pinterest.  Oh I hope for your sake , you are not addicted to Pinterest like I am....sigh.  But just when I feel I am "wasting" too much time...I come across something wonderful like this.  It was a recent post, but from a two year old blog post.  Now my mind is just dancing with ideas...summer butterflies, of course, but how about snowflakes, or birthday candles, or fall leaves or........  Darn it, now I have another project on my "too long to imagine, but just have to make" list of creative projects. 
 Pinned Image  There's the link to the original blog posting.  Hope you enjoy and keep those creative juices flowing....

Have fun,

Here's a video for a great link to print journaling papers...

I just finished a quick video to share the where and how to's of the website that Kathryn shared with us in her  I am so sorry the video is blurry, but I think you will be able to follow  and the website is pretty easy to navigate.  Now why would you want to go to this website?  hmmmm....ever wanted to print pages for your journal, maybe print ledger lines on tags, or how 'bout an upcoming Christmas list or holiday planning journal?  Oh I can't wait to get started....

Hope you have fun!  Molly

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can't wait to get started...

Have you ever seen anything on youtube or in a magazine or pinterest and a spark just shot through you...a spark of creativity....well that's what just happend to me!

I was watching an older, I mean a year old, blog listing from Kathryn of "thescrapbeach" and it just "zapped" me with that spark!  Here's the link to her video:

She provided a link to a website that allows you to create your own papers that are grid, writing, ledger or music templates.  I tried it out and it is wonderful. I have had an idea for a journal I want to create for myself and this was just the perfect "missing puzzle piece" I was looking for.  I will be doing a video of me actually making the pages to fit the journal I will be creating and am so excited to get off to make a big pot of coffee, load up on chocolate..and get started on this project while the creative juices are flowing...oh I hope it works out!  Now here's the link to the site that Kathryn shared with us on her video, if you want to take a sneak peek and give it a try.  I won't have my video up for a while yet, but hope to have it up by tomorrow afternoon...fingers crossed!

Now I also like mixing digital up with my traditional scrapbooking, so I have also given you a link to my all time favorite digital site...hope you love it as much as I do.  And they are having a summer sale right now!  Perfect! 

Well off to get that coffee brewing (okay, really just turn my Keurig coffee maker and get to work...wish me luck!

Have fun scrapping!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Color challenge

Oh be sure and join the Misty's  The July color challenge features three of my favorite colors...yellow, blue and tan ( or "craft" as I like to call it)  I made 3 simple cards with a few scraps I had from Prima's Sunkiss collection.  Just perfect for this challenge. 

 Well be sure and have fun today and thanks so much for stopping by...and I sure hope you "like" my quick card creations.

Have fun,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Abby and Ellie Dyed Ribbons...yumm!

 Okay, is it OCD when you are obsessive about beautiful ribbons, and then you are soooo compulsive you buy 10 colors because you cannot see living without any one of them?  lol
Then fill out the bill, I am definitely obsessed with these beautiful ribbons. 
I have bought dyed seam binding from Abby and Ellie's etsy store before, but then I thought...hmmmm...I can dye my own with all the beautiful Lindy's Stamp Gangs sprays I own.  And that worked out pretty well for the 1/2" basic ribbons.....But then,  I saw these little 1/4" beauties, with their black or shimmering glittery edges and was smitten all over again with great etsy store.  So when I saw their 4th of July sale, I was over the moon.  Picked out all (well most of) the colors I wanted and hit the ole Paypal button before I could stop myself.
 And boy oh boy am I glad I did!  They are so much prettier in person!  So soft to the touch, so rich in color, just simply magical.  Can't wait to use these beauties! Dr. Scrapman, add to my diagnosis list...not only do I have M.O.E. (must own everything) I have OCD when it comes to such beautiful scrapbook ribbons! Sigh, now that's what I
call real Scrappy Happiness!  Just had to throw in a pic of my other favorite scrapbook must Figment coffee cup!  A wonderful friend brought this back for me from Disney.  Figgie is my favorite Disney character...I think every "kid" should have a friend at arm's reach that reminds you to let your imagination run wild everyday.
Have fun today 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My take on the Ladies Diary from Graphic 45

Well, I just fell in love with the paper line.  Graphic 45's Spring release, The Ladies Diary is so rich with style and color, and of course, the vintage vibe that I just adore. Hope you were able to get some from Misty's shop, Mbtreasurista, she had the best prices online!  So, of course, I had to make a mini.  I had so much fun playing with laces and flowers, but about the fussy cutting.  Uuugh, I have such renewed respect for xannero1, a youtube goddess of fussy cutting.  But with G45 there is no choice, you must, must, must cut out some of those beautiful flowers.

So cut and cut and cut I did....on the cover.  Then I just pulled out some of my "scrappy happy" embellies and kept to the beautiful victorian feel.  From a beautiful filigree button, with a small rhinestone added and Prima flowers, pieces of emphera and a handmade stick pin.  I just love the colors and elegance of this line!
 I bound the album with some hand dyed seam binding, loosely threaded thru the holes, giving the album a soft heirloom softness.  Hope to make a charm to binding soon! One loaded with vintage look charms and beautiful beads...sigh.....

Of coure the inside has lots of envelope and tags and lace and ribbons...oooooh it was so fun playing with this gorgeous line!  Hope you have gotten your hands on some of this line from G45.  Can't waith to see what wonderful things you create. 

Have fun scrapping! 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trying my hand

Well I thought I'd try to start a new blog!  And I wanted to name it something just perfect for what I love and wanted to share...and low and behold, the name was available!  I love mini albums! My new blog is born...Now the hard part, lol, giving it the attention it needs to grow into a beautiful new I can love and have lots and lots of fun with!