Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Attempt at "Mixed Media Canvas"

I have been watching some incredibly talented youtube artist create mixed media canvas pieces of art.  They used imaginative techniques, many different types of gels and gesso and paints...and most importantly a spark of boldness, a freedom to experiment and "play" until a magical finished piece was created, looking just perfectly balanced, not too much, not too little just rich with details and looked so hard, but I couldn't resist..

I had first tried my hand at painting while on a trip to Florida to visit friends with my hubby.  Jean, our friend, loved painting and talked me into giving it a try.  I was actually scared to ruin a perfectly white, clean canvas.  I just brushed and sponged on some paint and started to like the took on the feel of a warm fall day...I could "see" the lake, the golden sunset and the rich fall tones of leaves aflame with their last hurrah of color.... but that canvas has laid quiet for over 4 months...

Finally mustering up the courage, I took the darn thing out....and turned to one of my best friends in the creative process...  Lindy's Stamps Gang Sprays and turned the dry looking paints into just the fire drench explosion of fall I was seeing in my mind's eye. 

 Now what????  Wanted to make a tree on one side and perhaps a waterfall on the other...soft clouds in the sky? But did I mention... I don't paint... so again, now what...well it's mixed media I'm going for, so I just pulled out some Tim Holtz and Michael's metal accents and of course Lindy's Embossing Powders plus some from my stash and got to work.

So do you see it?  The strong tree, giving into the colors of fall, the water pouring over the stones, and the cloud, softening the sky... just the perfect fall day.

Okay, now all that was pretty corny, but that is really what I see...and the process was so much fun...I don't think I'm done yet.  My friend Jean told me..."you'll know when it's done and then stop...." .  Well I don't think it's done, but I love where it is now.  You should see it when the sun hits it...I swear you can feel the last of the warm breeze, hear the babble of the pond, the rustle of the leaves....okay, sorry, getting corny again...but I think I  might like this whole mixed media thing...thank you youtube artists.....Marlene and Rachel and Leeanne. You all are such wonderful artist and so generous to share your talent!  Now I've got to get back to my gel medium...I think I have more to add.....

Have fun crafting today!
Molly D

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  1. wonderful job!!! I love the combo of colors!!! You did a great job sweetie!!! TFS Hugz ~ Leanne =)