Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Okay, I didn't say it was a small haul, did I?  Well, anywho, I went to Michael's on a quest to find the big metal charms in the now $2 bin, (used to be less?) and found all I wanted and more.  Even two beautiful fleur di lis styles!  Plus, of course loads of other little $1 treasures, ceramic drawer pulls, a wooden ruler , loads of flowers and bling....ahhhh.  But then I had a few extra minutes to kill, so of course I spent the next couple of hours, slowly scouring every aisle for more treasures and found more than anyone should have.   Starting with beautiful silk flowers, on sale! 50% off. 
So I bought just a few...carefully picking out the ones that I could "deconstruct" and "repurpose" into beauties for scrapbook pages or altered craft items.  Once I started playing with those, I got the bright idea to try may hand at making some flowers with burnt edges you see so many talented crafters doing on youtube.  But I don't have the patience of safety skills to singe each petal with a candle....soooooo I thought why not use my heat gun.  Like that wouldn't burn the heck out of ya...teehee.  So that's when I thought about using a silicone spoon from my kitchen, and eurika!!!! my answer to the whole open flame issue!  Love them!Here's the picture of how I spent a couple of hours playing.  First used the silk flowers I got from Mike's...and put beads in the centers. Then pulled out some ooooold ribbon (the blue stripe and brite blue/green plaid) and tried my hand with the heat gun and spoon and just love the outcome.  While I had the beads out, why not make some coordinating stickpins...what fun!  
 Now one of the other treasures I found...on sale, of course, what this gorgeous shabby chic birdcage the fleur di lis on die for!  The minute I laid eyes on it, I knew it had to be mine and it was just what I was looking for the hang my collection of charms on.  Just imagine it glistening with the sunshine from my window...of course we are under flash flood warnings today it is raining so much...oh well, tomorrow maybe.  Well I hope you liked my flowers and silicone spoon idea!  Have fun crafting...   Molly D  

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