Friday, January 18, 2013

Think I'm finished...

Well, my friend Jean said..."you'll know when you're done...then stop".  She was talking about working on her artwork...well, I think I will say this one is done....

Here are a few closeup shots... please let me know what you think...  I found a cache of leaf charms and more metal pieces to add depth and warmth...think it helped... then dyed some lace for the "grass".

Then  added another cloud, sprinkled in more water and finally felt like Jean was'll now when it's done....

just uploaded a youtube video sharing this...

thanks for taking a moment to watch....have fun creating, Molly D



  1. I love your mix media canvas and glad you are exploring your inter artistic self. But, I am missing your beautifully designed mini albums. Stay true to yourself, I love your work.

  2. WOW Molly, you did a great job.
    I loved it.
    Hugs Astrid

  3. Molly you did a fantastic job on your first mixed media project...the colors are so vibrant. Love everything about it! Hugs Noel

  4. Molly, you did a beautiful job. Thanks for telling us how you came up with the ideas to finish this beautiful project. Love your projects!

  5. It's beautiful Molly! Just goes to show that true artistry is born in the soul! It doesn't matter what you create, you just have a knack for it!