Friday, May 17, 2013

Do you like Digi Vintage Art...follow this blog!

Astrid's Artistic Efforts

Now really!  Isn't this gorgeous!  And this is just one of many Astrid has created and shared with her blog followers.  You must must must follow Astrid's blog if you love vintage inspired art and embellies that she shares .... FREE!  Astrid is so talented...just wanted to share ...Click the blue link above to be taken to this incredible blog...enjoy!

Molly D


  1. Hi Molly, I don't know if it is at your end or mine, but i do not see anything in the box but a little tiny square with a question mark :(

    looking forward to a new video... do you have one in the works?

    Karen S

    1. Hello Karen, Oh for goodness gracious I still have so much to learn about uploading...teeheehee...I am soooo sorry...I must have uploaded the wrong link...but the good news is the title to this post is an actual link to astrids blog and you will find some beautiful artwork there. Be sure to check out her "Freebies" pages...wowzer, there are some beautiful "free" digi artwork pieces there. Enjoy and thanks for the heads up...hugs, Molly D