Sunday, June 16, 2013

Matchbox Mini for a Swap!

Well, I don't usually, if ever make a mini under 6" x 6".  As a matter of fact, most of my "minis" are over 7" tall or wide.  So I never thought I would have so much fun making a mini just TWO inches wide!  But I did!

It is for a swap on Gina's wonderful ning site:  myscraproom.  And this swap was hosted by Lydia, whose yt channel is itripledogdareu.  So I just had to join!  Now in this swap we were suppose to decorate a large matchbox and make a little mini to go inside.  Sounds simple, right?  Well I pulled out the only matchbox we had in the house...and it was so old it was falling apart.  So off I go to Walgreens to buy a new one...sounds easy, right?  But when I got home with three new colors of nail polish and a bottle of wine, I knew I had to go back out for a matchbox.  So the next day, off to Walmart...and several ice cream desserts and another bottle of wine later, I got home with no matchbox...

So I decided to just make one out of lightweight chipboard and get going.  I used the beautiful "Lyric" papers from Prima o cover it and make the mini.  The requirements for the swap were to use lace, flowers and an image on the front.  The lace and flowers were a natural, but I had trouble covering the beautiful Prima papers, till I noticed a small snippet on my desk I had saved from a previous project... the words Gypsy Chick.  So I printed an oh so sweet image of a little girl gazing at a small chick and off I went.

 The mini inside is only 2" wide and 4" tall. Not too many embellishments could go in or on it, because it had to fit in the matchbox, but the papers are so pretty, it didn't take much! I just love how it turned out.

Just a bit of lace here and there..some petite flowers and delicate metal filigrees and it came out just perfect. I sure hope Olga, my swap partner likes it!

I want to give a special thanks to Gina of Scrappinology on youtube

and Lydia of ItripledogdareU on youtube

for hosting this swap. I can't wait for the next one!

I'm posting my youtube video below.
Have fun scrapping!


Here's the video link...


  1. Hi Ms. Molly, saw your vid on the match box. Can't believe you did it from scratch. You did such a pretty job, Love it.

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS, Molly! Thank you so much for sharing it here! I haven't made it over to youtube very much lately!...Nancy :o)

  3. Oh Molly your shopping stories had me in stitches. I'm off to watch the video now. BTW congrats on winning on MB's Treasurista....I just saw that your name was drawn for a prize. Gorgeous, gorgeous projects as always!