Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life's little pleasures

It's a cloudy Sunday morning. Cooler than it has been.  I grabbed my camera to capture some of the little snippets of beauty I was seeing around me. 

When I say's because I didn't want to capture the whole scene on my deck.  It needs sweeping a little, the weeds need pulling, the bird bath needs to be cleaned.  But right now, at this moment, with the day ahead, ripe with possibilites, all I noticed, all I wanted to see, were these beautiful flowers.  Blessing my life with color and inspiration.   

So, it's probably a certainty.  I won't weed, or sweep or clean.  But I do hope to do something creative today.  Something with color and texture.  Something I consider beautiful...

But for now, I am so content to soak in this glorious morning, finish my chocolate milk and then, before the heat takes over....go in and with color...and try to capture the joyous feel of the bright summer flowers.  Oh yes, and remember to say thank you Lord for sharing this wonderful morning with is a gift.  Thank you...

Now ya'll all go create something beautiful today.  If nothing else, mine will be this memory of this happy moment.  Have fun!



  1. How pretty, Molly. I love flowers. I too take a moment and enjoy nautre. I have several gardens and bird baths. I'm always bird watching too. I take stills of my flowers and put them in my garden smash book.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Linda :)

  2. Good morning Linda! I just saw some of your gorgeous pictures on CCL of your oh my, how absolutely gorgeous. Have a wonderful day...and thanks for the sweet comment...hugs, Molly