Saturday, June 7, 2014

New happy happy beginnings

This was a post I found on Pinterest...and it sung to me.  I have made a big big change in my life and feel so to explore, create, sing, dance, what ever sets my heart on fire!

After decades of working, long long hours, I have retired from working outside the home.  This is a big big step for me and it took a huge heartfelt push from my husband, but it is wonderful!  Now I have been home for over two weeks and have logged about 1000 hours on Pinterest and Youtube.  Soaking in the boundless inspiration...listening to my heart start to sing...  so this is happy!  So far, so good....lolololol.

But here's hoping I can "unplug" just long enough to just have fun, to create what sets my heart on fire!  Wish me luck and please share all your creative ideas...this is gonna be fun!

Big hugs to you all  

p.s. here's the link to the art above:
Heart on Fire


  1. So happy for you Molly!! Now we get to see more of your great designing. Happy Summer.

    1. Thank you so much Judy! Great to hear from you...

  2. That is wonderful news Molly. I retired and it is the best time of my life! I am just so happy to see you posting. I was getting a bit worried. Looking forward to seeing all of your fabulous new projects!

    1. Well hello are you? thanks so much for stopping by. Love hearing from you! hugs, Molly