Friday, June 20, 2014

Tag Making Frenzy

Darn that Pinterest!  
I was just minding my own business...browsing and wasting time on my new favorite site...when Wham!  I saw some of the most creative tags.

So of course I had to go into overdrive making tags.  Come to think of it it really started when I was so excited to begin learning how to watercolor from an gifted friend, Terri.  She was generous enough to meet me at our local Michaels and got me hooked on learning to play with watercoloring.  I spent the first "lesson" just learning how to mix colors and the different types of applications...and learned I really love "wet on wet" application of colors.

 So I had all these beautiful papers that I created, not that I made them was just the magic of watercolors...anywho...I decided to cut them into tag sizes and get busy using them as background papers.  So here's what came from that wonderful day!

Of course I used several great trims and ribbons and buttons and flowers and stickers and die cuts and embosssing powders,  even sea shells from my stash.  But that was half the fun... trying to make a dent in the way too much to use up in this lifetime stash ....lololol.

I know what you may be thinking ...these backgrounds look a lot like what you could do with Tim Holtz Distress pads.  Maybe so, but remember I was learning how to control and mix watercolors...  something I have been wanting to do my whole life.  The colors you can create ...omgosh golly, it is truly magical.  And learning something new, something that you only can try to control...knowing all the while that mother nature and the properties of water have just as much control as you do...well it was just so freeing...

Whew...may have gotta a little too absorbed there. But I love watercolors, the softness, how subtle it can be...the appearance of something so fluid and yet so commanding and yet calm.  Okay enough about that...

On one of the tags,  I used the Tim Holtz Globe die cut and Lindys Stamp Gang Sprays and and a Patina two toned embossing powder I have had in my stash for years.  Saw a tag on Pinterest, yep that's the one that started this whole mess. 

Well hope you enjoy.  Thank you for stopping by. I am going to pin these on Pinterest as please head over there and share if you'd like...

Thanks again and have fun crafting! 

(there are more tags below..enjoy)


  1. So love your talent and enthusiasm. Beautiful tags

  2. these are gorgeous! will you share how you did the backgrounds please?

    1. Oh dear Konnie...I am just at the very very beginnning of learning to play with watercolors...but will try to think thru how to share what little I know...and maybe get up the courage to do a video...thanks for stopping by..great to hear from you...hugs, Molly

  3. WOWZER Molly!!! You enabler you!!!! Lovin all your gorgeous tags! Please do a video on your technique.. I would love to learn it..

    1. Karen you are so sweet...may have to give a tutorial video a try...I know I love when others do them and I can learn new things...Thanks so much for stopping by! have a wonderful day, hugs, Molly