Friday, September 12, 2014

Lace Tussie Mussie Challenge Entry

Sweet, wonderful Lele, from Shabbylishious, had a Tussie Mussie Challenge on her facebook group page:
Lele's Facebook Group link here.  

I don't enter many challenges.  Not in love with the pressure of deadlines, but I could not resist entering this challenge.  So lucky for me a friend dropped by, just a few days before the deadline and showed my a quick and easy way to make the cone and that was all it took to get me out of the creative tussie mussie slump I was in .  Thank you Ann!  You were my lifesaver.  

So anywho, here are some pictures of the tussie I created. Hope you enjoy, and try making one yourself! Perfect idea for upcoming Christmas tree ....hmmm
Better get


  1. One word... GORGEOUS! What a stunning tussle mussie Molly! So happy to seen new beautiful projects from you!
    Karen S

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS Molly you are so talented! I love your tussie mussie ! Keep on creating.