Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage Lace Keepsake Mini Book

It was thrilling for me to play in my mother's century old stash of laces.  Yep, her stash included laces from her mother and grandmother and my favorite aunt.  All these incredibly talented crafters are in heaven now, but they passed on the love of fabrics and laces and ribbons and buttons to me.  And my sweet mom let me pick out some of my favorites from her incredible "stash" and take them home with me.

I couldn't wait to make a lace book like I had seen on other talented crafter's youtube channel.  But I couldn't help but think of how teaching and sharing crafting secrets has changed since my great grandmother and her daughters and sisters got together at quilting and embroidery  bees and shared there crafting talents with each other, passing on these gifts to future generations...   Now, I sit with my cup of coffee or glass of coke and just spend hours with talented crafters like:

Gladys at HeartofaGippsy on youtube
Lydia at Itripledogdareu on youtube
Chrissie at chrissiecrosser on youtube
Olga at madstamper64
Cheryl at delygirl1961 on youtube
Marlene at 4marlene1  ( the absolute queen of shabby chic in my opinion)
and so many many more

So here's a warm heartfelt thank you to all these wonderful crafters, past and present, who share their talents and warm family stories with us.  Salute!!!

hugs and have fun crafting,
Molly D

Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 Calendar I editied from Crafty Secrets...made Month names bigger

First, we need to all give a big shout out of thanks to Crafty Secrets for providing us these wonderful calendars every year.  I took the original one they created and modified it by making the month titles larger...and am posting this edited version....hope they don't mind...I  used this edited version in a project and had a few ladies ask where I got it so I thought I would share...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Making "Wildflowers" from paper roses...

     I love all the paper roses I have "stashed away" in the old hoard vault...but find I don't use them as much as I should.  Often, I find the are two "lumpy" for my scrapbook pages or the cards I want to send. I decided to tear them apart and use some of the wonderful stamen I have been hoarding as make them look more like the expensive Prima flowers I love so much, and not so rose repetitious.....

Here are a few of the cards I made using this easy technique ( I put the video tutorial below the pictures if you want to know how I made them):

These three cuties are some extras  I will be using on upcoming projects!  Just love the soft effect the stamens give.

Here's the link to a video I did for this technique:

Hope you enjoy and share the projects you do, if you decide to use this technique.  Have fun crafty!

Molly D