Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Happy Planner FREEBIE DIY Stickers

Well, I did it.  I gave into that voice inside my head that said I MUST BUY A PLANNER!  Yep, bought a MAMBI (me and my big ideas) Happy Planner and I love it!   

I have always loved school and office and art supplies.  So really, it was an absolute sure thing that I would love this planner.  Hopefully you have all seen videos on the MAMBI's Happy Planners and know how popular they are.  Now most of the videos I have watch for them show women loading each page up with fun stickers and doodles.  Treating some of the space like minature "scrapbook layouts" or pocket page type design opportunities.

So of course I had to try my hand at making some stickers for my new book.  I just opened up my Photoshop Elements 11 program, downloaded some of my favorite Pinterest pins.  Then just resized them to fit into the Happy Planner pages. 

Next, made a page full of rectangular "quote stickers" I could print and run through my Xyron 9" and voila!  Stickers perfect for my September pages.  

Hope you enjoy and feel free to print and use the "quote" stickers for your own personnel use.  Plus here is a link to my Pinterest board for Happy Planner ideas. 

My Planner Board    

Head over there and check out just  a small small fraction of all the great things happening in the planning world!  

Oh by the way, yes, I do feel so much more productive now that I am using this new planner. Plus, how much fun is it just to play with decorating and recording each days memories!  

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