Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 New Year Freebie Stickers for Happy Planner

Well I couldn't decide!  I was making a new cover and stickers for my MAMBI Happy Planner and I just couldn't decide.  Bright with watercolor fun or gardens of pink and cream flowers?  So of course I did both.

Here are the stickers I made, and wanted to share.  Please feel free to copy and print for your personal use.  (Just  click on the photo, and save to your favorite file or print to use now.)

So I think you can see, I was completely in two very different moods when I created these stickers.

Which brings me to my true dilemma.  I am trying to set my goals for 2016 and just can't seem to focus in on just one, two or even three.  It seems I have a certifiable case of crafting attention deficit disorder.  But isn't that the real beauty of crafting?   Creating something that expresses how you feel, at that moment.   

Well, anywho, back to my Happy Planner. Along with the stickers, I made two different covers. 

For the watercolor one, I downloaded some graphic artwork from Dress your Tech which I found on Pinterest.  Wowzer they have great looking graphics. Intended for use on phones, tablets and computers, but hey why now use as craft designer paper too!  

For the beautiful shabby chic pink one, I scanned a sheet of pinkpaislee paper I had stashed away years ago, then "transformed" the size in Photoshop elements 14.  Then I "erased" the wording they had in the white frame and replaced with the year.

I made several "insert" sheets to coordinate with the watercolor cover, as well as two other sticker sheets, using great artwork I downloaded from Pinterest.  Here's a peek at the two other sheets. Head over to my Pinterest boards, Planners and Journaling Printables and Printables and Digital Fun, to see pins from the original pinners.

I will be posting a video later, showing my planner, these stickers and extra insert pages I made to coordinate with the watercolor cover as soon as I can.  But for now, I am just having fun playing with all these pretty things!

Happiest of New Years to you!
Have fun creating,


  1. Molly, these are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to seeing how you use them

  2. Absolutely love these. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy New Year

  3. absolutely, thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to using the.