Thursday, December 3, 2015

Great Blog for Stamping and Card Making to Share

   I hope I am not telling you something you already know, but THE best blog and videos for cardmaking and stamping tutorials, in my opinion is Jennifer McGuires.  She is so thoughtful, thorough and fun in her presentations.  And the styles and techniques she uses are just awesome.  

Jennifer has created a new website,and it has many great new features.  I love tagging my favorite videos and can go back to them for quick referrals anytime.  Plus, she has playlists on her channel that cover a wide range of subjects, that make you feel like an expert in no time.

And right now, she is starting a "My Favorite Things" series of videos where she share her most loved tools, supplies and techniqes.  Don't miss it.  She even shares a discount code for many of the items she features.  

So if you are looking to really improve your stamping, foiling, die cutting, cardmaking skills, head over to  Jennifer's Blog.   It has quickly become one of my 
"Favorite Things" of 2015.  Just wanted to share!

Have fun crafting,
Molly D

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