Monday, February 8, 2016

Be Inspired - Playing with Watercolors

How often do we tell ourselves..."I am not an artist"?  I have done that terrible deed to myself for decades.  It was only in recent years that I  have started to face my self doubts and go for it.

Here's a link to her great video:

So I wanted to share some of artists and trends I find inspiring.  After all, I spend more than a forty hour "work" week on watching videos and reading blogs.  And I thought it might be fun to share the links and posts that most inspire me.

Thank Heaven above for the inspiring artists that so generously share their time and talents with us on YouTube.  I watch everyday, looking for a new idea, a new trick, a new trend that I can play with.  And that's what finally what I had to tell!  No one will see if you make a "mistake".  And just turn that mistake into a happy accident, and play. 

Now I haven't gone as far as creating an art journal for myself.  Still haven't overcome the fear of someone stumbling upon  it (and so what if they did?) , or me reminding myself of the boo boo's.  So I create little snippets.  Try new things and what the heck.  If I don't like what I see, I keep going and recreate it or throw it away.  And for me, that's saying something. 

This week I wanted to play with watercolors.  My favorite go to gal for inspiration is Jennifer McGuire.  Now she is not a watercolor artist by trade, she is a card maker blogger extrairdinaire!   And recently she shared a technique for coloring outside the box.  Sounded like it was meant for me.

I recently received a new stamp set from Hot off the Press and thought the flowers in it would be great to try this gorgeous new technique.

 I pulled out some of  my Strathmore Mixed Media and Watercolor paper scraps I have been hoarding.  I know, I know, I can't throw anything out and couldn't bear the thought of wasting a whole new page.   And what fun it was to start to play.

Here's my project, warts and all.  Thank you Jennifer!  I am such a huge fan of yours!!! Now that was fun...what's next?

Plus!  here's a link to another quick and easy video from Prairie Paper and Ink  I think you would enjoy!  Looks so quick and easy!

Be Inspired - Playing with Watercolor

P.S. Click the link above to watch my video for close up of these cards and a couple of tips on organization you might enjoy!