Saturday, January 21, 2017

Anna Griffin Craftroom Fun Decor

Well New Year's Day has come and gone, and I am trying to keep a promise to myself.  Use my stash!  

HSN had a 24 hour crafting day recently, featuring Anna Griffin.  Boy oh boy, did that test my will power.  So to try to keep me from overbuying, again, I decided to play with my Anna stash all day. 

And to get me in the mood even more, I decided to quickly update my craft room look, using Anna Griffin papers and embellishments. 

Here's a quick video of how I used Anna papers to create a few fun pieces to give a fresh, new look to enjoy while I craft!  

I love the quick and easy paper quilt piece I made for my wall.  

Good news, I only bought two things on HSN that day.  Bad news, they are having another full day of crafting in March, and Anna is having an online warehouse sale January 30th.  I mean really,  can I really be expected to resist.  I am only so strong.  

Have fun crafting and using some of your own glorious stash!

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  1. Your AG artwork is really beautiful. You have a good eye for mixing them as well.