Sunday, May 7, 2017

May Happy Planner Labels with Watercolor Florals

 Well, I'm trying to take my own advice and learn something new everyday.  

These may just look like ordinary Happy Planner labels to you, but to me they are something I learned how to do today.  I had been wanting to make some planner labels that were not just rectangular, but I love putting quotes and "talking to myself" motivational ramblings in my planner.  So I decided to up my game a little and teach myself how to think "outside of the box".  

Of course I am still having so much fun discovering and playing with all the beautiful florals from the bundle I bought from Creative Market recently.  So I used those as the starting point, along with my Silhouette and created these really rather easy labels. 

I hope you can see in the pictures how the florals spill out over the borders of the boxes.  No, I didn't fussy cut them, I let the Silhouette do all the work.  Okay, all the work after I designed them.  And that was where the learning something new came in.  

Here's a tutorial I did showing how I created these:

I posted below, some screen shots of the Silhouette mats with and without the cut lines to show you how I laid them out.  I do have a wide format printer, so I was able to use 12 x 12 paper, but you could just as easily lay them out on an 8 1/2 by 11 format.

Here's the layout without the cut lines and below is the screenshot of the layout showing where the cut lines will be.
Have fun creating today!  And learning something new!


  1. Beautiful....I have a Brother SNC, can I cut these out on that do you think? And how did oyu make these? And what bundle was this please???? I love ti all! Sandy

      I hope that's the right link...the bundle was huge. Loads of beautiful watercolor florals. I don't much at all about the snc, so I'm no help there. I have a friend who loves hers, but I haven't learned anything about them. Don't want to be tempted by another matchine, teeheehee. Thanks and have fun crafting!

  2. Hi! I just watched your new YouTube video about your dies, etc. Did you download the application from AliExpress or just order from the website? Also, did you order all the dies from the same store, or different stores? How long did it take to receive dies and other stuff from that far away? I am trying to find that flower die you showed, it was very delicate, looked kind of like Queen Anne's Lace wildflower. Can't find it yet on AliExpress. Thank you, if you have time to answer. I love your videos. My email is I don't have a blog.